Duane Herrera from Temple Comments on "Heartbreak Game"

Post date: Jun 24, 2010 12:48:24 AM

Duane Herrera is a chess friend from Temple who played in at least one Waco USCF tournament during 2009.

He offered some annotations on the opening moves from the "DeVries Heartbreak Game".

Duane's chess annotation skills surpass mine!

John DeVries


Hope u dont mind me commenting on this game.It definitely got exciting but I think your gambit might have worked even with your crazy BF5?? on the 2nd move... IF you continue ur development. I mean the whole purpose for you giving up 2 pawns is time and development right?? so this is what i got, tell me what u think.

1.d4 d5

2.c4 bf5??

3.ne3 e6

4.qb3? qc8

5.pxp nf6???

nf6 is the wrong knight move.how about this exchange.

5.pxp pxp

6.nxd5 nc6!

hes problem is d4.how does he protect nxd4 then nf2

play these lines, tell me what u think.

7.nf3 be4!

7.e3 be6 8.bc4 na5!

7.be3?? be6

he has no good response how to defend his d4 pawn.either one he choses, your ahead in development and he cant castle for at least 4 moves which should give enough advantage to win or at least make a better game.

email me back, tell me what u think.i could be wrong about these lines.u never know.


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Subject: DeVries/Henkelman Heartbreak Game for DeVries, 06-18-10

Ken Henkelman and I continued our chess competition (mostly one sided, I will concede) last Friday at Barnes & Noble. We played a most interesting game that should have ended in a draw, but I threw away the draw by making a spectacularly inept move. I was a bit fatigued, because Ken had refused several draw offers in a seemingly dead drawn position, and waited for me to make a mistake.


Casual Chess Game, Waco Tx

June 17, 2010

WHITE (Henkelman) BLACK (DeVries)

-1- d4 d5

-2- c4 Bf5 !?

Ken tries his usual Queen's Gambit, which typically

involves into an Albin Counter Gambit when I play -2- ...e5

However, in recent games, Ken has handled my Albin

Counter Gambit real easily, and has often won a two

pawn advantage or crushing positional advantage.

I decided to try something new.

-3- Nc3 e6

-4- Qb3 Qc8

I played in a Victoria Chess Club simul on June 7th,

and moved ...b6 in a similar early position. Ten moves

later, I lost a minor piece because of that weakness.

In a post mortem, one of the best players at the Victoria

Chess Club suggested that I move ...Qc8 I remembered

this advice in this game.

-5- P x P Nf6

-6- P x P P x P

-7- Nf3 Be7

-8- Ne5 0 - 0

-9- Bg5 Nc6

-10- N x N P x N

Ken likes my doubled pawns. I like the open file for my rook.

Ken also traded off his real strong Knight.

-11- g3 Rb8

-12- Qh5 R x P on b2

-13- Q x P on c6 Bb4

It might have been better for Ken to take the pawn on a7 with his Queen.

-14- B x N R x B

-15- Rc1 e5

-16- Qc4 check Be6

-17- d5 Bf7

-18- Bg2 B x N

-19- Q x B R x RP on a2

-20- 0 - 0 R x P

-21- Q x P at c7 Qf8

-22- Q x P at a7 Bg6

-23- Rc6 R x R

-24- P x R Bd3

-25- Bd5 check Kh8

-26- Rc1 Ba6!

-27- c7 h6

-28- Bb7?? B x B

Be6 is best move for White on Move 28

-29- Pc8=Queen ? B x Q on c8

-30- Kf1 Ba6!

-31- Kg1 e4

-32- Rb1 e3?

-33- f4 Qa3?

-34- Qa8 check Kh7

-35- Qe4 check g6

-36- Qe6 Rb2 ?

-37- Qf7 check Kh8

-38- Qf6 check Kh7

-39- Q x R? Qf4

(-38- R x R was better for White)

-40-- Qb6 Qc2!

-41- Qa7 check Kg8

-42- Rb8 check Bc8

-43- Q x P on e3 Qd8 check

-44- Kg2 Qc2 check

It looks like I can get a draw because Black's pinned bishop

coveres the h3 square and White's kingside pawns prevent

easy White King escape from check!

-45- Qf2 Qc6 check

-46- Kg1 Qc1 check

-47- Kg2 Qc6 check

-48- Kf1 Qc4 check

-49- Qe2 Qc1 check

-50- Kf2 Qc6 check

By this time, I have made at least two draw offers,

and am becoming somewhat exasperated. Ken

remembers my endgame skills, and decides to

keep moving, waiting for me to make a mistake.

-51- Qe3 Qc2 check

-52- Kf3 Qc6 check

-53- Qe4 Qc3 check

-54- Kf2 Qc5 check ???

On move 54, I make a terrible error.

-54- ....Qd2 would have kept draw chances alive.

-55- Kg2! Qf8

The game is lost for Black, but I play until end.

-56- Qc4 check Kg7

-57- R x B Qa3

-58- Qd4 check Kf7

-59- Rc7 check Ke6

-60- Qe5 ***checkmate***