An American In Queretero Mexico With His Chess Board

Post date: Jul 06, 2010 3:32:9 PM

An aged building with ancient stucco walls - could this building have been constructed 200+ years ago? - two or three stories high - but one small room (thirty feet by fifty feet) holds special significance for me. This is the meeting site of the Queretaro Chess Club, filled with 20+ young, middle aged, and aged weathered men either intently gazing at a chess game in progress, or playing their own chess game. Sarah brought me to the Queretaro Chess Club last night - I visited the place for one evening in December 2007, when I played five games against a man who resembled a sheepherder from Oaxaca - he spoke no English, but played great chess, as he occasionally sipped from a cup of steaming black coffee. I lost all five games that night, but it was still a wonderful experience. Most of the games were relatively close, and he even played my favorite Latvian Gambit opening with the Black pieces (and still beat me!

Last night produced similar experiences and memories. I played four games with the same player - an affable, polite gentleman who spoke no English but played chess on near expert or expert level. He was semi well dressed - to judge from their clothing, persons of all income classifications congregate at the Queretaro Chess Club. His wife joined him after we had played two games.

She was the only woman in the room, and seemed quite content and connected to her husband. She also knew how to play chess.. We played one game with a g/15 time control, using a sturdy wooden chess clock. Gradually, my opponent gained a small advantage that morphed into a substantial advantage, and I was forced to resign. We played a second game - I had Black pieces the first game - so I had White for the second game. I played well, but my time management skills are minimal when I face talented opposition, so I lost the game when my clock ran out in a slightly inferior position. We played a third game - I played Latvian Gambit - it was evident that my friend had not seen this opening very often....he chose a weaker response. I put some pressure on his King, but he eventually crushed me with a beautiful knight check that would have resulted in the loss of my Queen, and I resigned. Finally, game 4...with a slower time control...30 minutes for each player.

I played the Blackmar Diemar Gambit with the White Pieces. His early moves were somewhat mediocre. I gained a strong edge in development. As the game progressed, my opponent recovered, and erased most of his disadvantage. We moved to the endgame (few pieces left on the board) - I had a Bishop and six pawns...he had a Knight and six pawns I played the endgame well, and held the draw against someone who was a measurably better player than me. I celebrated - this was my first non loss at the Queretaro Chess Club - A DRAW! I felt like a chess player.



June 30, 2010


-1- d4 d5

-2- e4 e6

A surprising 2nd move by Black

-3- Nc3 P x P

I was expected -3- ....Bb4 I can't reply with -4- f3 because of -4- .....Qh4 check

-4- N x P e5

I can't take Black's pawn on e5 because of ....Q x Q, which ruins castling.

-5- Nf3 P x P

-6- Q x P Q x Q

I take with right piece on move 6, if -6- ....Nc6, -7- Q x Q ...N x Q

-7- N x Q a6

-8- Bd3 Bd7

-9- 0 - 0 Nc6

I have a lead in development

-10- N x N at c6 B x N

-11- Re1 0 - 0 - 0

-12- Be3 B x N

-13- B x B Nf6

-14- Bf3 Bd6

I have parallel bishops

-15- QRd1 h6

-16- c4 KRe8

-17- c5 Be5

-18- b3 g5

-19- h3 Bc3

-20- R x R check R x R

-21- Rc1 Bd2

-22- Rd1 B x B

-23- R x R check K x R

-24- P x B c6

-25- e4 Ke7

I am trying to keep the Black Knight off d5

-26- g4 Ke6

-27- Kf2 Nd7

-28- b4 Ne5

-29- Ke3 a5

-30- P x P at a5 Nc4 check

-31- Kd4 N x RP

-32- Bh1 f6

-33- Bg2 b5

An interesting move by Black on Move 33

-34- P x P e p Nb7

-35- Kc4 Kd6

-36- a4 Ke5

-37- Kb4 Kd4

-38- a5 c5 check

-39- Ka3? Nx P

-40- Ka4 Nc4

-41- b7 Nb6 check

-42- Kb5 Nd7

-43- Kc6 Nb8

-44- Kc7 Na6 check

-45- Kb6 Nb8

-46- Kc7