Albin's Ghost Rises From The Grave!

Post date: Jul 19, 2010 12:20:58 AM


Casual Chess Game - July 7, 2010

Albin Counter Gambit

WHITE (Henkelman) BLACK (DeVries)

-1- d4 d5

-2- c4 e5

-3- P x P d4 x e5 d4

-4- Nf3 Nc6

-5- g3 Bf5

-6- Bg2 Bb4 check

-7- Bd2 B x B check

-8- N x B d3

-9- e3 f6

In recent Albin Counter Gambit games with Ken,

Ken usually places his King Bishop on g2. I usually

advance my queen pawn deep into Ken's side of the

board, and Ken eventually moves his Queen to b3.

I'm not sure the placement of the White Bishop on g2

really helps Ken that much.

-10- P x P Q x P

Because Ken's dark squared bishop is gone,

I can capture with the Queen.

-11- Qb3 Rb8

-12- 0 - 0 KNe7

-13- Nh4 0-0

-14- N x B Q x N

Two heavy pieces on the f file for Black

-15- Be4 Qf6

-16- Q x P QRd8

-17- B x RP check Kh8

-18- Qc2 R x N

-19- Q x R K x B

Black trades his Rook for two minor pieces

-20- Qc2 check Kh8

-21- a3 Ne5

-22- f4 Ng4

-23- Qe2 Nh6

-24- e4 Qb6 check

-25- Qf2 Q x Q check

- 26- K x Q Ng4 check

-27- Kg1 Ne3

-28- KRc1 Rd8

-29- Rc3 Nd1

-30- Rb3 b6

-31- Rb1 Rd2

-32- h3 Nc6

-33- Rb5 Nd4

-34- Rd5 ? Nf3 check

-35- Kf1 ***Ne3 checkmate***