A Promising Start Fizzles Into Nothingness at N Richland Hills

Post date: Aug 15, 2010 3:24:17 PM


I understand why I am a 1400 USCF player, rather than a 1800-1900 USCF player. IMy openings are usually strong, or at least semi strong.

However, I lose my way in the middle game, and do not see good moves that would alllow me to keep or enlarge my advantage. Instead, I make aimless mediocre moves that make me a sitting duck for any really good player.

This was the case in my 1st Round game in yesterday's Tarrant County Chess Club chess event. I played A K Banjale (1912), and got off to a good start with my Blackmar Diemar Gambit Opening against the Caro Kann, which I have played many times against Glenn Gilbert of Waco Chess Club fame! I had some modest pressure on A K's King in the early middle game, and with even good moves (not best moves) could have won the game. Instead, I tumbled into some lousy moves and lost semi quickly. As I examine this game, it was winnable or drawable. I just did not see the right moves. I present this game for your consideration.


Tarrant County Chess Chess Club

Many Springs Open Chess Tournament

August 14, 2010

North Richland Hills, Tx Public Library

Rated USCF Tournament Game

DeVries WHITE (1402) Bangale BLACK (1912)

Blackmar Diemar Gambit vs Caro Kann Defense


-1- e4 e6

-2- d4 d5

-3- Nc3 P x P

-4- f3 P x P

-5- N x P Bg4

(possible variation = -6- h3 Bh5 -7- g4 Bg6 -8- Ne5)

Instead, I decide to keep developing my pieces.

-6- Be3 Be6

-7- Bd3 Bd6

-8- 0-0 Qc7

-9- h3 Bh4

White's h3 move opens the g3 square for Black.

This becomes important later in the game.

White h3 move was forced to avoid loss of another pawn.

-10- a3 Nf6

-11- Qd2 QNd7

-12- QRd1 0 - 0 - 0

A K surprised my by castling queenside. I am very pleased.

-13- b4 Nd5

-14- N x N KP x N

-15- c4 P x P

-16- B x P at c4 Nf6

This is the high point of my game. I actually have potential

threats - The Black Queen is awkwardly placed at c7,

directly in front of Black King at c8, and I have potential

pawn firestorm with Rook on c file.

-17- b5?? Ne4

Rc1 was far superior move for White on Move 17.

-18- Qb2 Ng3

Black finds square that was vacated by White h3 move.

-19- Rf2 KRe8

-20- Rd3?? c5

( -20- Bg5 was much better. The sequence might have

gone like this. Someone with higher chess skills than

mine needs to check this variation. A K may have /

would have found stronger moves for Black.

-20- Bg5 f6

-21- Bh4 Nf5

-22- Rd1 to b1 N x B

-23- P x P R x B

-24- P x P check Kb8

-25- Ba6 Is White winning?

During the game, I saw none of this, and made a ?? move.

The chance to weaken Black pawn defense in front of Black King

is basically gone with Black's 20th move.

-21- Nd2 f5

-22- P x P B x P at c5

-23- R x R R x R

-24- Be6 check Kb8

-25- B x B Q x B

White Material value is 24 (Q R B N + 4 pawns).

Black Material value is 25 (Q R B N + 5 pawns)

The position is almost even, but I dramatically worsen things.

-26- Nf3 ?? Rd1 check

-27- Kh2 f4

Black's 27th move closes the coffin.

-28- h4 Rh1 mate

-26- a4 would have prevented immediate collapse.

This was an imperfectly played game that had promise. It certainly

is an imperfectly annotated game!