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Meeting Times:

Tuesday Meeting:
Where: Whataburger here on South Valley Mills Drive
When:  Every Tuesday night at 7pm

Thursday Meeting (Map):
Where: Jack In The Box
here on University Parks at I35
When:  Every Thursday night at 7pm

We meet weekly and send periodic meeting reminders to those on our mailing list. This site is actively maintained Ted R Penner. If you have any trouble with the website, call us at 254-214-3013.

Waco Chess Club

The FICS group at is perhaps the largest free club for internet Chess players on the net.

Simply click on the brown Chess piece when you arrive there, then Login as Guest to be instantly connected to Chess players from around the world!

Chess Challenge Winner - Rex Burke

REX BURKE - Winner of or first 1st semi-weekly Chess Challenge! The puzzle is in the upper-left quadrant of the board only and involves two kings and two bishops.

It is mate-in-three with white to move. More than one solution exists but only one mate-in-three exists. The first move involves the bishop Rex is holding to d7.

Double-click on the group of pictures above. Can you guess the next moves?

Daily Chess Puzzle

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